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PostSubject: DRINKING TIPS   DRINKING TIPS Icon_minitimeSat Mar 28, 2009 6:04 pm

Drinking Help Copied from the Old Forum:

Hi, I'm Minette, and I'll be your drinking instructor for this session. Currently I have Solid/Grand-Master standing in Drinking.

There are four main pieces in drinking. Regular pieces come in different shapes and colors.
Only pieces of the same color or shape may be placed next to each other. If you want to put a piece between pieces of different colors, you must have a piece that matches both. For example, in the image, only a red cup or a yellow goblet could be place.
If you get a piece called the fry(insert pic of fry), you can place this next to any piece, no matter what color or size it may be. There is also a piece called a keg
It can be placed next to anything, and will change color to that piece. However, if the space you want to put the keg has two different colors next to it, you're out of luck. Kegs are important when playing because each keg adds 50 points to the value of the row. The last type of piece is the hook .
This piece can remove any other piece from the board. You choose from the three pieces at the bottom of the board, the computer automatically selects the highest value piece that is playable. Each piece gains ten points in value for each round it is not used.

The main way to get points is to solve a row that has at least four pieces with your stain color.
If all the pieces in the row are regular, the row is worth 100 points. If you solve the row on an unstained piece, the row is worth double. So if you have all regular pieces, and then solve on an unfinished row, it will be worth 200 points. Barrels add 50 points apiece to a row. So if you have a row with one barrel, and it's finished on a stained piece, it will be worth 150 points. If the same row is finished on an unstained piece, it will be worth 300 points.

Of course, it couldn't be called drinking without some involved. You can drink a piece at any time during the game, however when no pieces can be place, you must drink. Typically, the piece with the highest point value associated is drunk. If you drink too much, three times in a row, you can pass out and you will lose a turn.

The rest of the game is about strategy. My personal strategy is to build rows quickly and try to outscore the opponent that way. Other people try to block their opponent's rows so that they can't solve with a regular piece or so that they have to finish on a stained piece. It is best to learn to use the basics before developing your own strategy.

Points to remember
- Kegs are worth 50 points in a row
- Solving on an unstained square doubles the points of a row
- Always place a keg as soon as you see it
- Try to use the highest value point pieces first


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