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Quoted from PK about BNAV:

OK so here it is
The ultimate step in pillagin!
To lead a pillage means to step up as an officer, to be able to take command and lead ur crew to victory!
To ensure a successful pillage u need a good bnavver, or battle navigator.
If the bnavver can max the damage on the other ship then the sword fight will be easy. even if the damage is even the fight is alot easier because a group of humans who r good at sf can beat a group of robots ny day.

i will update this post as soon as i get some needed links to pictures that will help out alot more but for now here r some useful tips.

Try to wait till the white timer bar almost runs out b4 u put ur moves in. it will fool the robots into thinking u arent gnna move. that way they are more likkely to go where u think they are goin to go.
while u r waiting try to guess where the other ship is likely to go, they r robots so once u get used to ther moves they r easy to predict.

Dont go into battle and try to max their damage in one go. u r likely to take alot of damage as well. try to hit and run. make them waste thier moves as u hit them a little at a time.

Try to stay away from thier guns. So move into postiion in front of them or behind them and shoot then move away from then so as not to take ny damage.

Never ever sit still or u will be hit alot. If the robots think u r gonna sit still they will shoot all thier cannons. leave room to move away from them after u fire.

Always make sure u have at least 2 good sailors. that way u will never run out of moves. alot of damage will make whe bilge do up and the sailors will have a harder time getting u moves. to ensure this have at least one very good carpenter and bilger. that way 2 good sailors will be able to get u a decent amount of moves. ( this information is based on a sloop pillage by the way )

Make sure u have a good gunner at all times. there is nothing worse than running out of cannons in a battle. ur pillage will always go well if u have a good bnavver and gunner and at least 2 good crew. try to have ur gunner have at least one shot available at all times.

If it looks likely that u are goin to get hit anyway try to damage them as well. u might as well give them damage while u take it. remember even if u are at max damage if u can give them the same then the sf will be alot easier than if they have no damage at all.

try to learn to use the whirlpools and wind currants to move as it will save u on ur moves as well as get u into positions in front and behind the other ship.

The maximum damage on a sloop is 6-7. on a cutter it is 8-9
u will always repair at damage if u have a good carper. but no matter how much damage u get repaired, if u get hit, it still registers it in the sword fight as u have recieved damage.

When u r hunting for ships to attack, depending on how fast u are goin it is best to turn about before u hit the attack button. if u time it right then u will engage them as they come past u.
When u turn about u will automatically lose 1/4 of ur speed, so dont turn about too many times.
The if your ship is moving fast ( and depending on how fast the other ship is goin )
then you can turn about when u are closer to them
but if you are moving slow then its best to turn about when you are further way.


The whirlpools move in one direction, clockwise, or right.
there are 4 squares in a whirlpool so no matter what square u land on it is always called square 1, right through to sqare 4. so there is S1, S2, S3, and S4
(this will make explaining the whirlpool alot easier if u keep this in mind.)
And we will use North ( facing up on the screen) South ( facing down on the screen) East ( facing right on the screen) and West (facing left).

Now, if u enter the whirlpool facing north u land on S1. The whirlpool will automatically move u 2 squares and u land on S3, missing S2.
U will now be sitting on S3 and facing East.
If u entered a move command after ur original move into the whirlpool it will take place now. So if u entered a right turn after ur first move u will turn right out of the whirlpool and be facing north again( or the top of ur screen.)

if u didnt enter a move the whirlpool will spin u again and u land on ur original square, S1, and facing south.
The whirlpool will spin u 4 times before the turn is over, so on the 3rd spin it will land u on S3 again and facing west. this is where ur 3rd move will take place if u entered a move.
On the last move of the whirl pool it will move u back to S1 and facing North again and that is the end of the turn.

Depending on where the enemy is u can hit them from in the whirl pool or if they are in the the whirlpool.
if u can figure out where the whirlpools moves will land u.
the best way to learn is to go into a whirlpool and let it move u around. u will soon get the the hand of shooting from the correct sides if the other ship is in range (MAX RANGE ON ALL SHIPS IS 3 SQUARES)
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