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 How to post pictures!!!

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How to post pictures!!! Empty
PostSubject: How to post pictures!!!   How to post pictures!!! Icon_minitimeTue Jul 07, 2009 11:51 pm

This is a guide on how to post pictures on this forum. This is pretty much how to use Photobucket which is one of the more common photo sharing sites. All info is up to date from July 7, 2009.

Obviously you need pictures on the computer you're on. I won't walk you through how to upload pics to your PC because there are so many different methods, and you should already know how to put files onto comp anyways.

Once you have pictures on your comp, you will need to upload the pics onto a photo sharing website such as www.photobucket.com
You will need to create an account in order to upload on that site. Photobucket should walk you through on how to upload pics to their site, pretty self-explanatory.

For each picture uploaded, you should see a link that says "share". Click the link. Currently there's a pop-up window with tabs. You want to select "Get link code" tab. You should see something that says "IMG for bulletin boards & forums". Copy either one of the links below that.

paste the link on to a message here on the forums. The message should look something like:

text How to post pictures!!! Link to page

preview your message just to be sure the picture comes up in the message, and hit send.

And there you go.

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How to post pictures!!!
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